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PostSubject: RANK STRUCTURE   Sun Jul 26, 2009 11:21 pm

(xxxxx)IP BannedUser's IP is completely banned from the site, and the user is looked for ban-dodging. Only in extremely rare scenarios such as stalking another user (which will have their IP reported), hacking the site, or being User Banned on several occasions.
(-xxxx)User BannedUser has been constant trouble, even on parole, and has been suspended several times before. Can still make a new account from scratch, but will start as "Parole" rank.
(--xxx)SuspendedUser caused lots of trouble while on parole. Temporary inability to post.
(---xx)ParoleLike most "punishments" this will rarely be used, as this forum has basically no rules. However, if a user is causing serious trouble and is warned to stop but continues, this may be given to the user. Nothing changes, it is basically just a warning to stop being a douchebag.
(----x)Self CloseA user requested to an administrator or moderator to close their account. Can be undone via e-mail to an admin with proof of identity.
(-----)Brand NewThe user is brand new to the board and has not made a single active post.
(*----)NewUser has posted, but not very much at all.
(**---)UserA standard rank after the user has posted more than his initial 25 posts.
(***--)RegularUser posts in great enough quantity to be considered a "regular" around the forums.
(****-)Senior UserA user that has been around quite a while, based on his number of posts, should know this place very well.

VeteranThis user has been around a long time, and should be treated with respect. Unless they are stupid fucks like the rest of us.

Celebrity Guest / VIPAssigned to a celebrity or someone of that sort wishing to talk on these forums.

Mod. / AdministratorThese users help run the site, and clean up things. Don't worry too much, there's almost no rules on these forums, you can talk all the shit you want to them and not get banned. Banning people cause they insulted you is for pussies.

Writer or CreatorSomeone involved in making NUKEMAN & Kittyboy itself. For now that's just Big E and I.
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