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 Building a new PC

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PostSubject: Building a new PC   Wed May 25, 2016 9:23 pm

Well, it's time. My PC is awesome as fuck, I got bleeding edge top of the line shit many years ago, and it has held up to this day (I'm maxing out Doom 4 @ 2560x1440 with no problem; I do have a new video card and SSD compared to the ORIGINAL build in this tower, though), but I think this is its edge. I have the CPU/RAM/FSB/QPI whatever all overclocked (this board was made for it) just to keep up. With DDR4 out, I'm thinking of doing a new tower, new MOBO/CPU/RAM/Cooler, but keeping my video card PSU and HDDs from the current system. It probably won't be for a few months, but I think it's time to future proof for upcoming generations, plus I have a few sweet aesthetic ideas in mind.

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Building a new PC
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