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 Fall out 3 Problem or Glitch?

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PostSubject: Fall out 3 Problem or Glitch?   Thu Apr 19, 2012 10:47 pm

*Goes into Super Market*

*Snipes Raiders while hidden for crits Very Happy!*

*Kills rest of Raiders*

*Last Raiders Appear*

Raider: "We're back...wait...something ain't right."

Me: "No shit sherlock i killed all your friends (and ate a few....) now your next!"

*Attacks Raiders and then one is left*

*Chases Raider outside*

*Kills Raider*

*Loots Raider*

*Turns and starts to walk away*

*Hears this flooping sound*

*Turns around and sees the dead Raider's body spazzing around*

Me: "He still alive?....I'll just shot off his limbs...."

*Goes up close then dies instantly and hits sky <---- WTF?*

*Repeats process...*

*Body still flooping but inside this time*

*Body hits multiple objects and items*

*Brain Processing...processing...*

*Body expands and looks demented wtf?*

*Limbs start to stretch*


Me: "Wtf! *Runs away...* Wtf......IT AINT HUMAN! NOT HUMAN! *Shoots a mini nuke at it but ends up exploding self*"

Wtf was that? Really? Idk how to explain it just like that.


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Fall out 3 Problem or Glitch?
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