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 The Hidden Chapter For My Story

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PostSubject: The Hidden Chapter For My Story   Fri Mar 25, 2011 10:12 am

(Note for the general i couldnt think of a name so i used my friend's last name but then i remenber its also the last name in half life ... freeman >_> coincadance huh?)

Day ? The Dark Abyss

This place it seems familer but its just all black I cant see a thing and I feel like im drowning in darkness...
Why am I falling I can't move and im just going down and down. "Life is short and seems you time has come." What...
who said that? Something isn't right I feel like i'm forgetting something really important. My Memories I'm having
remenbering my I felt when I was with them. Why can't I even remenber being happy? This Amulet with a
blade on it but its not glowing anymore its dark...what does that mean? Wait...I can't even remenber my name...this
isn't good. I can't stay awake...I'm feeling really..tired...If I am dead...I'm just glad I dont remenber any pain...
I only remenber a few things before I should fall asleep it was someone saying to me that...

Unknown "Once your memorys are "deleted" from yoou mind your life will restart and you will be reborn at a young age"

Also there is one last name that I can thank is...Vangelis....

Day ? A New Life

Soldier "General Freeman! A unknown object is falling from the sky!"
Freeman "What are you talking about soldier!"
Soldier "Sir just look! No one knows whats falling but its heading straight for us!"
Freeman "hm..."
Soldier "Sir what should we do?"
Freeman "Scout any enemy bombers and prepear for impact."
Soldier "Sir we are sertain that this is not a bomb in fact its possibly a metore."
Freeman "Then prepear a Squad for deployment I expect them to be ready in less then 5 minutes."
Soldier "Yes Sir."

I maybe General of a post and commander of 20 squads but I have never seen a metore come straight at my post before.
This is a unusal event so I expect everything from the soldiers. But still something seems strange about today.

Vetran K."General Freeman. My team and I are ready for your orders."
Soldier "Very well follow me."

I lead the group outside the post and the metore was very close to landing. We kept a safe distant from the predicted
landing spot. In less then 10 minutes the metore crashed

Vetran K."Whoa what was with the massive rumble?"
Soldier "Hey newbie check out the metore."
Soldier "What why me."
Freeman "Soldiers! Stop goofing off and hurry up"
Soldiers"Yes sir!"

The crash of the metore made a massive crater for just a small rock...but it turned out this wasn't a rock but yet a
a small boy with a ripped shirt, pants, backpack, but his shoes were with minor damaging the boy seemed out cold he also had a amulet which was compleately intacked
no damage what so ever to it. He had Black hair and white skin when i opened a eye of his they were very white and I didn't think of what to say.

Soldier "It's a...?"
Soldier "This...doesn't make sence!"
Soldier "Nobody has done something like that and neither anybody can survive a landing like that!"
Vetran K. "..."
Freeman "Stop talking and all of you go back to the post and get a medic!"
Soldier "What about the boy we cant leave him here and you can't be alone here."
Freeman "We aren't leaving him and I'm not staying here. I'm bringing him back to the base once we get back."
Soldier "But..."
Freeman "Just go get a medic all of you."
Soldier "Yes...sir."

After two days the boy still hasn't woken up but he will live when we brought him to a docter he said only

Docter "This boy will recover but slowly i have never seen anything like this and the story you told me is unbelivable.
His heartrate is very low so make sure no harm comes his way. Also one last thing..Since the boy hasnt woken up
he is most likley to of lost all his memory so just do him a favor and pretend to be his father."
I couldn't respond when he said "Father."

Vetran K. "General...Hows the young one?"
Freeman "He is fine but...something is strange I don't know what though"
Vetran K. "Kinda the same when you met me when I was only just a newbie huh?"
Freeman "Ya but I found out my reasons after I had to train you. Only one year has past from that time and you
became a vetran."
Vetran K. "Anyway about the boy? What are you going to call him?"
Freeman "Whats that suppose to mean?"
Vetran K. "Well I was thinking....maybe put him in early training?"
Freeman "I won't put a child in the army"
Vetran K. "I ain't saying we are going to force him just see how things go and if he wants to back out then let him."
Freeman "Hm...maybe.."
Vetran K. "Great now come on and lets go back to HQ."
Freeman "..."
Vetran K. "What something wrong? If its the boy the docter said he will be out for awhile longer."
Freeman "I would just feel better about him if he was at the base."
Vetran K. "Ok I will some someone to bring the boy to the base."
Freeman "Thank you"


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The Hidden Chapter For My Story
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