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 Just some random thing

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PostSubject: Just some random thing   Sun Mar 20, 2011 4:50 pm

ok i play a game called fire emblem path of the radiant
i have to get people to join my team yada yada yda... well that all changed my reaction to the game when i found this person... i dont know really just someone .....
lethe is of the beast tribe in the game she shapesshifts into a cat so she can battle (note a mean a cat and i mean A huge cat not a normal little one) she is some what.... well....
(not the best pics but wtf XD)
stefan -
lethe -

Lethe: ? Sniff... Hm? I...sense...something... Grr...Must be my imagination...
Stefan: A female cat! Splendid! I've not seen your face in these parts before.
Lethe: Aaah! Wh-where... Where did you come from?
Stefan: Oh, I see that I've startled you. My apologies.
Lethe: Who are you?
Stefan: If you wish to learn someone's name, isn't it polite to introduce yourself first?
Lethe: Grrr... I am Lethe. From Gallia.
Stefan: And I... am Stefan! I live here in this desolate wasteland, playing at being a hermit
Lethe: Is that so? Well, don't let me interrupt
Stefan: Oh no! Please don't worry about it.
Lethe: Oh, I won't. ...And?
Stefan: What? Lethe: Why are you standing there staring at me?
Stefan: I'm interested in Gallia's beast tribes. Fascinating, really. I have an Idea! Can we go somewhere and talk?
Lethe: ...I don't think so.
Stefan: Why not?
Lethe: My companions and I are in the middle of a battle! I've no time to chitchat with you!
Stefan: Very well... Then I will help you! And once this battle is finished, you'll have time to converse, yes?
Lethe: I suppose...perhaps...
Stefan: Right! Off we go then!
Lethe: ...What sort of lunatic have I found now?


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Just some random thing
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