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PostSubject: sickyy   Sat Oct 02, 2010 11:30 am

this is no bueno, i'm sickyy & i dun feel good. no no no no Sad
i'm coolllddd and my throat hurts oh god why meeeeee
this is not kooooooool

but stuff like this gives me happies
oh i'm sososo bored

snugglissa 11:13 AM: yo i farted od jus now but it warmed my butt up so i feel better
SeXCiieeBuBbLeSz 11:14 AM : lmao wow u nasty i dead jusz startd laffin
snugglissa 11:14 AM thas meee
SeXCiieeBuBbLeSz 11:14 AM: lmaooo
snugglissa 11:15 AM : bwahaaaa
SeXCiieeBuBbLeSz 11:15 AM : the professor lookd at me like wtf??

lmfao someone talk to me xD

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